""D!va"" New release for Hair Fair 2013

Hello precious D!vas!

Are you all as excited about the Hair Fair 2013 as I am? I know it’s feel like yesterday that we busted our LD to the event last year. Yet, another round of Hair Fair is opening. Time really do fly!

For this year’s Hair Fair, D!va introduces three new hair styles, “Mana,” “Lana”, and “Clea.”

 “Mana” and “Lana”  are hybrid of prim and mesh and both have a cool feature that you can show or hide the bun by using the control panel.

Both hair styles have an add-on mesh part and you can enjoy completely different look by hiding the bun and wearing the mesh part.
All the other familiar features are included. You can change the color of the  ribbon and headband; show or hide the accesories; resize for the prim part.

“Clea” is  a wild and sexy down style made of 100% rigged mesh and coming with head alpha and hairbase.  Please please try on Demo first because the mesh part is non-modifiable!

I know, these are super cute and the kind of hairstyles which you can keep on wearing again and again. I can totally picture myself wearing my fav jeans and cami with “Mana” or “Lana” without ribbon, spending one of those stay-at-home / skybox - and - laid-back -day (a.k.a lazy day).  Or, wearing “Clea” with intimate pieces to spend some quality time with my special someone ♥
What about you?

Hair Fair 2013 ""D!va"" Booth
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