I sell time-limited Hair. "" D!va "" Hair " Michika "

I released Hair the other day.
It is time-limited, and this Hair is sold.
March 14 - April 14
I contribute all the price to the Japanese Red Crossfor a victim of
Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami.

""D!va"" Hair "Michika"
The pattern of the forelock is entering type 2 to one set.
Color : 5 color. (1 color  100L$ Fatpack 400L$)

DIMH2 Gift hair "" D!va "" Hair " Dia "

""D!va"" participate in DIAMOND IS MINE HUNT2 now.
March 14 - April 11

The premium be elaborate.
""D!va"" Hair "Dia"

It is 4 colors of hair sets.
And the ribbon is 4 colored.
Gemstone on the ribbon is 5 colors.
You can make ribbon and a gemstone non-indication.
You touch it in Hair, and please choose the menu of the dialogue.

#007 ""D!va""
HINT : You'll sigh with RELIEF when you find this diamond!