""D!va"" New Release and Lucky Board Hair

Hey there Divas!

 Summer is slowly slipping away, but there are still hot days and warm nights to be had. 

 Today sees a full release of the popular Tomoko2 style, previously only available at Collabor88 July.  
 ""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko2" (Type B) has just the one, over the shoulder plait.  It's a short summery style with the same colour change flowers as Type A and flyaway wisps for that long day in the sun look.

Tomoko2 'Type B' can be purchased separately or together with Tomoko2 'Type A'.

Flowers are colour change with 12 different colours to chose from. Click anywhere on the hair to bring up the menu.  Flowers can also be toggled on and off if you so prefer.

Lucky Boards

Marisa has changed out the Lucky Board prizes! No doubt all you lucky board enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for some new prizes. 

""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko2" and "Sayaka2"  in the Lucky Board limited colour, 'Ruby' can now be found in the boards.  Good luck!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


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""D!VA"" @ Collabor88


""D!VA"" for August Collabor88

Hello D!vas~~

The newest round of Collabor88 starts today. 

 From ""D!va"" Hair comes Manon.  In keeping with this months theme of 'Baroque', Manon is an elegant updo with jewelled adornment.  Hair is piled high in a magnificent bun, fly-away wisps framing the face and neck.

  Headband is just awesome! There are colours and combinations a plenty for everyone, including 15 hairband colours, 12 gemstone colours, 6 different pearl colours and 3 different metals to choose from.

Of course you can also toggle the jewels on or off and even hide the hairband altogether if you so prefer. Just click anywhere on the hair to bring up the menu and follow the prompts.

For the special Collabor88 price of L188 per colour you get both "D!va" Hair, 'Manon' Type A and Type B with the slightly different bangs.  Once again, 'Manon' in the Red Amber tone is exclusive to Collabor88 and when this round is finished will no longer be sold.

'Manon' is non-mesh and comes Copy, Mod, No Trans.  The hair will appear 'no modify' in your inventory but this is only because of the scripts contained within. You can still resize the old fashioned way using the edit tools if you so desire. :D

 This month also marks one year of Collabor88 and there is soooo much stuff to see. So,

Happy Birthday, Collabor88!  Here's to another great year.

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""D!VA Digest August I

Hey D!vas  ! 

Surf's up!

The hot and hazy, lazy days of summer are here. I`m out catching a few waves, cooling off in the deep blue sea.  Looking for a life guard or two.  But I gotta tell ya.  The beaches so far are pretty empty of potential mouth-to-mouth partners. 

There are only a few days left of the July round of Collabor88.
""D!VA"" hair Tomoko2 is currently only available at the Collabor88 site and you only have until the new round comes out to pick up Tomoko2 in the exclusive Red Amber colour.

Be sure to jump down and nab it if you haven`t already and check out all the other fabulous goodies from Collabor88 designers, while they are still at Collabor88 prices! 

""D!va"" Hair, Tomoko2 comes Copy ok, Mod ok, No Trans and at the special price of  88L per colour for the duration of the round. 

In other D!va news,  Hair Fair is now over.  I know.. sad faces all round.  If you were unable to get to Hair Fair, all three D!va Hair Fair releases can now be found in the Main Store

""D!va Hair, 'Rio' is a rigged mesh style. You will need a mesh enabled viewer and be sure to try a demo before purchase as this style can not be moved or resized.

Off to cruise a few more beaches!  Enjoy!

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""D!VA"" @ Collabor88