""D!va"" Digest - "Daisy"

Ho, ho, ho!

Marisa and the D!va staff hope that you all had a great Christmas! So did you D!vas do or get anything nice? As for me, I didn't really do anything spectacular, but I had a lovely Christmas, filled with friends, family, and of course, lots of precious gifts under the tree! Right now, I’m still pretty much in a bit of a Christmas daze. I've been rotating between eating, sleeping and watching re-runs on TV. My brain has literally turned to mush—probably from eating too much turkey and ham—and my jeans are waaay too tight, which is definitely from drinking too much hot chocolate! I should probably stop procrastinating and start about the million essays that are due in next Monday!

Unfortunately, the Arcade will be closing tomorrow (on the 31th of December) so you best get your running shoes on and see if there's anything else you need!

Marisa has released ""D!va"" Hair "Daisy" for the Arcade, a dreamy and whimsical hairstyle that seems to have just fallen from hair heaven! (TYPE A) features the hair parted and tied up into to small loose buns whereas the (TYPE B) comes with [MESH PART A] and [MESH PART B] so you can achieve a either a simple side pony tail or pig tails! This hair has a lusciously curved side fringe that runs across the forehead, giving your look both a youthful and romantic appeal.

 Both (TYPE A) and (TYPE B) comes with a beautiful hairband which consists of clusters of stars delicately twined around a vine. The stars and vines have several colours to choose from and there is also an on and off option for the hairband.

""D!va"" Hair "Daisy" costs 75L$ to play and there are 16 to win, 4 of which are rare. As there are rigged mesh parts in (TYPE B), it is advised that you try out a demo before spinning the gacha!

Anyways, we hope you guys had a great Christmas and we wish you all a happy New Year!


""D!va"" for The Arcade!

Heeeeey D!vas!

Sorry for the late post! I've been pretty busy with Christmas exams but thankfully that's all over!

Collabor88 has started so I'm sure you're all wondering where the D!va hair is! Unfortunately Marisa hasn't been feeling all too well so she has decided to sit this month's round of Collabor88 out. Fingers crossed that she gets better soon!

But not to fret! Marisa didn't leave you D!vas completely hairless! The December round of The Arcade has begun and D!va has been invited to participate again! ( For those of you who don't know what it is, the Arcade is a bimonthly gacha event which features over 80 of Second Life's most gifted and talented designers and builders. To find out more about the Arcade, visit their website). This will be D!va's second round at the Arcade and Marisa would like to thank you all for your support and positive response D!va was getting from the previous round!

For the Arcade, Marisa has released  ""D!va"" Hair "Daisy". Dreamy, whimsical and romantic are just a few words that spring to mind when I look at this hair! (TYPE A) features the hair parted in the middle and tied up into to loose small buns. The angelic style comes in with the lusciously curved side fringe that runs across the forehead. This look gives both a romantic appeal and youthfulness.

(TYPE B) of "Daisy" filled with elegance and timeless romance. It comes with [MESH PART A] and [MESH PART B], as well as (TYPE A) of "Daisy". All you have to do is simply remove the buns via the pop up menu and add either one of the mesh parts for a side pony tail or both for pig tails! Lustrous, tousled waves of hair cascade down past the shoulders and rests on the chest. These lengthly locks of wavy hair seems to have just fallen from hair heaven!

What can be more winsome than accessorizing with stars? This hair comes with a beautiful hairband with clusters of stars delicately twined around a vine to add that little bit of angelic elegance to your hair. Both the stars and vines have several colours to choose from! As always, there is an on and off option for the headband.

(TYPE A) is available in 12 colours and whilst rare hair (TYPE B) is also available in 12 colours, they are grouped in packs of 3. There is a grand total of 4 rare packs. Rare 1 includes the hair colours PlatinumMoon Stone and Cats Eye. Rare 2 includes RhodaliteTopaz and Amber. Rare 3 includes Black Amber,  Red Amber  and Citrine. And last but not least, Rare 4 includes the hair colours GarnetBrown Diamond and Onyx.

In short, it costs 75L$ to play and there are 16 to win, 4 of which are rare. The rigged mesh part is NO MOD and cannot be re-sized whereas the rest of the hair is MOD OK and can be resized via the pop up menu. The hair is also transferable so you can trade whatever extra hairs you have! Please remember that as the hair is transferable, it is NO COPY.

The Arcade will end on the 31st so you will have one week to grab this hair!

Oh, and please make sure to try a demo before buying!

I probably won't be posting again before Wednesday so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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""D!va"" Digest - "Jessie"

Hai D!vas!

Well, the sunshine has pretty much gone now... but don't despair — because that just means that Christmas is near!

Collabor88 is still open, but only for a few days so you better hurry! I honestly can't wait to see what December's round of Collabor88 will bring us! Anyways, for this month, Marisa has released ""D!VA"" Hair "Jessie". This hair features shoulder length curly strands that gently twist and frolic around the shoulders with sophisticated casualness. The face framing volume is light with loose curls that give the hair a soft, feminine and dramatically romantic look.

(TYPE A) features the frontal hair is pulled away from the face, framing the face beautifully  whereas (TYPE B) features deep side bangs that sweep across the forehead, bringing much attention to the eyes.

This hair is COPY/MOD OK, NO TRANSFER and can be also resized via the pop-up menu by clicking anywhere on the hair. There are a total of 12 hair colours to be bought at 188L each.

I'll see you all soon!

- Mochi

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