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Hello D!vas ~~!

Hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week!  I'm so happy to show you today's new releases from ""D!va"".  Marisa has created two gorgeous new styles.  They are both just sooo pretty, I know you`ll love them.

""D!va"" Hair 'Nana'

""D!va"" Hair  'Senri2'

Both styles have lots of length to them, falling in to soft curls with delicate wisps framing the face. Nana is a tumble of curls pulled back off the face with a ribbon. Senri2 is a little deviation on a past group gift style, with a high pony tail pulled off to the side and topped with a little bow.  

 Available in both versions, Type 'A' and 'B' or in a combination pack. These ""D!va"" Hair styles come Copy/Mod, No Transfer and are re sizable via the menu on touch.

Click anywhere on your hair to bring up the Options Menu. Select, 'Appearance' to change the bow's texture. There are 21 beautiful bow colours and designs to choose from with lots of bright, bold colours for spring and summer. 

You can also choose to hide the bows, and the ribbon on Senri2, altogether. Choose, 'Ribbon' from the menu to turn the accessories, 'On' and 'Off'.

The lucky board prizes have been changed out to match the new releases. 'Nana' and 'Senri2' in 'Ruby' the Lucky Board Limited colour.  If you aren't already a member of the ""D!va"" Group, please hit the group joiner near the boards and wait for your letter to come up.

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""D!va"" Digest - Parisian in Tokyo

Hello D!vas!

Spring is well and truly here!  There are cherry blossoms blooming all shades of pink and it's great weather for a wander through the park. 

I`m out treading paths through the petals and sporting 'Miu', one of the newer releases, in Brown Diamond.  Many "D!va" styles come in two different bang versions. This here is 'Miu', 'A'. The chic little cat ear like buns are just so cute and playful.

The 'B' version of 'Miu' is a little more romantic with the middle part and bangs swept back behind the ears.

'Kanon' , is the sister style to 'Miu' with the same, slightly messy buns and plait on top.  It's a pretty style and looks great in the Black Amber colour.

Keep your eye out for some new styles from ""D!va"" coming soon!
If you have yet to collect the gorgeous 30,000 members Celebration Gift don't forget to visit  ""D!va"" to pick it up.  Just wear your group tag and touch the center board.  Anyone who is not a member can hit the Group Joiner right beside it. 

Enjoy your spring!


Style notes
Skin | Mother Goose |Top - Kyoot | Pants - Fashionably Dead | Earrings - Intrigue Co. | Glasses - Artilleri | Trees - nocc. | Grasses - Kidd Creations