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Hello D!vas! 

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.  Don't forget to swing by Collabor88 if you haven't already, to take advantage of the great deal of just L$88 per colour for  Vivienne, the most recent release from ""D!va"". And also check out all the other great items on offer!

""D!va"" - 'Vivienne' - Type A - Citrine @ Collabor88 | Shift - tb - Daydream Baby Doll - Lavender - @ Collabor88 | Skin - Illusory - Love Milk - Daydream @ Collabor88

""D!va"" will be participating in a few different events over the coming months so Marisa is busy as a bee working on new releases.  Be sure to watch this space!

 ""D!va"" - 'Senri2' - TypeB - Rhodolite | Shift - tb - Daydream Baby Doll -Slate - @ Collabor88 | Skin - Mother Goose's - Nadine | Balloon Pose Prop - Glitterati & Cheeky Pea - Airheads

""D!va"" @ Collabor88
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"When we are two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person."
- Richard Bach -


""D!va"" @ Collabor88

Hello D!vas~~

D!va is now at Collabor88!  Marisa is really happy to be participating and has released a gorgeous new style that you can now find at the Collabor88 site.

"Vivienne"  is a large bun loosely piled up on top with a few wayward wisps to frame the face and nape of the neck.  Type 'A' is available at Collabor88 for just 88L per colour. 

"Vivienne" comes Copy, Mod Ok no Trans and is also resizable via the pop-up menu on touch.

The May round of Collabor88 began on the 8th and will run for a month. There are many other fabulous things on offer at Collabor88 so be sure take a good look around.

Dress - *BOOM* | Hammock&Table - Cheeky Pea | Hair - D!va - Vivienne in Platinum all available at May Collabor88


""D!va"" Digest - Break in the Clouds

Hello D!vas! 

Welcome to May!  Already four months of the year gone.  Can you believe it?

We here in Japan are in the midst of Golden Week. A week peppered with holidays and usually bright sunny days and warm spring weather. But at the moment it's spring showers or downpours to be exact.  So I`m out enjoying a little break in the clouds, walking the paths and savouring the fresh fragrance of Spring.

""D!va"" Hair "Senri2" (Type B)(Citrine)

Today I`m wearing Senri2 in Citrine. A retake of a past ""D!va"" group gift this pony tail style is playful and bouncy. It has lots of wisps and soft curls and the hair is pulled off to the side with a colourful bow.

""D!va"" Hair "Senri2" (Type A)(Citrine)

Both recent releases, Senri2 and Nana come with 21 bow colours and textures to choose from.  You can, of course hide the bow if you want. Simply choose 'Ribbon' then 'Off' from the pop-up menu.

Recent Releases

Both  'Nana' and 'Senri2' each have two bangs styles to choose from.  Available separately or in a combined pack.

Rain or shine, enjoy the beautiful month of May!


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