""D!va"" Digest - "Layla"

 Hey D!vas!

The end is near!! But not to fear! There's still a week or two left so enjoy them while you can! I'm (surprinsingly) kind of excited to be going back to school. Don't get me wrong, I love summer but there's only so much you can do during a 3 month break until you get bored. You kinda start to miss having a daily routine, y'know?

If you haven't been to this month's Collabor88 event I suggest you do so now! Can you believe that it has been 2 years since Collabor88 launched? To mark the special occasion, there are two themes, Razzle (and) Dazzle. C88 is also holding a larger event with many more amazing designers! It took me a while to get into the sim (give or take a 100 tries) but I was finally able to get in and I have to say the collection is amazing! I wasn't really into 1920's fashion in SL before, but I sure am now!

Collabor88 is by far the best event I've ever come across on SL. I'm always so eager to see all the new creations which are stemmed from just a single theme. It's just fascinating to see how different people interpret the monthly C88 themes into their work!

This month's D!va release is a vintage-styled hair called "Layla". ""D!va"" Hair "Layla" is a chin length hairstyle complete with playful curls. (TYPE A) is set with a subtle side sweep of the hair whereas (TYPE B) is set with a full blunt fringe. The flowers and headband are both removable and texture changeable. It is available in 12 colours (the "Red Amber" version being exclusive to Collabor88), each colour sold separately at the price of L$188.

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""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

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""D!va"" for August Collabor88

Good day D!vas! How are we all today?

I can't believe it's August already! Summer's nearly over... Blergh. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it to be over yet! :(

As some of you may already know, today marks a big round for Collabor88, its second birthday! Yeah, I know, can you imagine?! It barely even feels like a year! To celebrate, C88 is hosting a huge round with many fantastic, talented designers! There are also two themes, Razzle (and) Dazzle!

For the event, Marisa has released a hair called ""D!va"" Hair "Layla", a vintage-inspired look. It's a chin-length bob complete with full, satiny curls. You can choose between either a sweep of the hair across the forehead or a fringe. When set with the playful curls that frame the face, this gives the whole look a very feminine, sultrious quality. There is also a (colour changeable) hair flower to style and accentuate the hair by adding to the side of your head just above the ear.

There are 9 rose colours to choose from, as well as a hairband and rose accessory visibility option. This hair  is a COPY/MOD OK, NO TRANSFER and is also resizable via the pop-up menu.

""D!va"" Hair "Layla" is available in 12 colours (the "Red Amber" version being exclusive to Collabor88), each colour sold separately at the price of L$188. It also include a (TYPE A) and (TYPE B) version.

You might have a hard time getting in, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of people there, haha. I haven't even gotten in yet! Good luck!

""D!VA"" Main store
""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

- Mochi Chun