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Hello D!vas! 

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.  Don't forget to swing by Collabor88 if you haven't already, to take advantage of the great deal of just L$88 per colour for  Vivienne, the most recent release from ""D!va"". And also check out all the other great items on offer!

""D!va"" - 'Vivienne' - Type A - Citrine @ Collabor88 | Shift - tb - Daydream Baby Doll - Lavender - @ Collabor88 | Skin - Illusory - Love Milk - Daydream @ Collabor88

""D!va"" will be participating in a few different events over the coming months so Marisa is busy as a bee working on new releases.  Be sure to watch this space!

 ""D!va"" - 'Senri2' - TypeB - Rhodolite | Shift - tb - Daydream Baby Doll -Slate - @ Collabor88 | Skin - Mother Goose's - Nadine | Balloon Pose Prop - Glitterati & Cheeky Pea - Airheads

""D!va"" @ Collabor88
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"When we are two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person."
- Richard Bach -

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