""D!va"" Digest - "Lili" and "Mimi"

Whassup D!vas! Geddit? Whassup? Cause it's the Collab- Yeah? No? Okay.

Anywaaays, how are you all today?

The theme for this month's Collabor88 is a throwback to the 90's called "Chill Pill". I really can't stress enough how much I love the 90's and when I found out it was going to be this months theme, well, you can only imagine how excited I was! Hands down, the 90's had some of the best television shows, films and music. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Pulp Fiction, Nirvana, I mean, need I say more?

Sometimes you just have to let out your inner child! And you can do just that with these playful hairstyles which really embraces your youthfulness. Marisa Kira has really spoiled us D!vas by releasing TWO super cute hairstyles this month. Both are a double-bun hairstyle, ""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" having smaller, plumpier buns and a bigger bow than "Lili". I also forgot to mention it earlier (however I'm sure you all already know the drill by now) that the hair is available in the colour "Red Amber" which will not be sold elsewhere after this month's round.

If you haven't guessed already my pictures were inspired by the 90's! Most, if not all of my clothes are from Collabor88. I have to say, the creators really nailed it!

(I will be uploading the other photo tomorrow, my laptop is failing me at the moment.)

I've been pretty busy with real life lately so I'm sorry for the late posts. There is still time to get these adorable hairstyles at Collabor88 but you better hurry as there are less than 3 days left!

""D!VA"" Main store
""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

- Mochi

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