""D!va"" for July Collabor88

Hey sun worshippers! Grab your bikini, surfboard and sunscreen (oh and don't forget your mosquito repellents!) because it's time to hit the beaches and soak up the warmth!

It finally feels like summer, despite the fact we're already halfway through the summer holidays. Summers hit hard here. Like hard. Like really hard. Like really really hard. Okay, well not that hard. Like 35°C/9°F hard. Yeah, I know I'm not really used to the summer weather but hey, I come from a land of a thousand welcomes where windy weather and rain is pretty much expected everyday.

A new round of Collabor88 has begun with it's theme being "Midsummer". Marisa Kira has released a new hair called "Ange", and this isn't just any hair, it's part rigged mesh! Yup, you heard correctly! The lower part of the hair is rigged mesh whilst the upper part of the hair is sculpted prims. Half up, half down, this elegant hairstyle for long hair is perfect to keep your look in place in an exquisite way with flowery headband.

Mesh parts (A) and (B) are long, lustrous loosely twisted curls cascade down past the face and nearly down to the hips. You can choose to have a side ponytail by wearing just (A) OR (B) or you can choose to wear both!

You can go for a more simpler yet elegant look by removing mesh parts (A) and (B) which leaves you with a very classic, gibson roll updo with side parted bangs falling loosely onto your face with a few hair tendrils to really frame your face.

What can be more romantic than accessorizing with flowers? This hair comes with a beautiful hairband with clusters of flowers delicately twined around a vine to add that little bit of floral elegance to your hair. The flowers and vines are even colour-changeable so you can achieve your desired look.

""D!va"" Hair "Ange" includes both (Type A) and (Type B) versions. The hair comes with 12 flower varieties and 3 vine varieties. Both flowers and vines can be toggled on and off. As always, the hair is available in 12 colours, the "Red Amber" shade being exclusive to Collabor88 only. Each colour is sold separately at the price of L$188.

The hair is COPY OK and NO TRANSFER. The rigged mesh part is NO MOD and cannot be re-sized. However, the rest of the hair is MOD OK and can be also resized via the pop up menu by clicking anywhere on the hair.

Please make sure to try out a demo before buying!

""D!VA"" Main store
""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

- Mochi

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