""D!va"" Digest - "Tina", "Kalli2" and "Giz"

Hiya D!vas (:

It's time to bring out the sweaters and scarves! I couldn't be more excited! Step aside summer cause fall is here!

Remember when I said I can't wait to get back to school? Yeah, well I take that back. The amount of work I'm getting is ridiculous... It's a miracle I'm still alive! Thank God for coffee, right? Oh well, I'd rather have Fall than Summer. Tell me something, am I the only one that thinks fall has better fashion than summer?! Ditch the shorts, the flowy dresses, and please, please get rid of the flip-flops! It's time to closet those outfits and bring out the real flare - jackets, boots, sweaters and scarves! I love layering Autumn clothes and I just love the warm earth colours.. but that's not the only reason why I prefer fall!

I hate, hatehatehatehaaate bugs so much. They sting, they bite, they burn, they fly in your face, come in your house and get all up in yo grill on bike rides and ruin camping trips. The worst thing is that they never die no matter how much bug spray I use! Well, do you know what kills them even better than bug spray? The fall.

Oh, and another thing to look forward to! Grey's Anatomy and Vampire Diaries (don't judge me!) airing again soon. That's another bad thing about summer, nothing is ever on TV! I mean, the same episode, AGAIN?! Let's play a game called "how many times can I watch the same episode before I die of boredom". Seriously, it's like some kind of twisted joke!

Okay okay, I better stop now before this turns into a 99 reasons why I love Fall list. Aah, there have been so many events going on this month! From the Arcade to Collabor88 to the Seasons Story.. I feel so spoilt!

The September round of the Arcade has sadly come to an end. Arcade is by far one of my favourite events in Second Life. Great way of going bankrupt on Second Life! Is it sad that I'm already crossing off the days until the next Arcade round?

The Seasons Story event ends on the 10th of October so you should probably drop by one last time to make sure you have everything you need! Better safe than sorry, right? It's the first round and it's already one of my favourite events, haha! From fashion to decor, this round caters to everyone who, like moi, has a soft spot for autumn! For The Seasons Story, Marisa released ""D!VA"" Hair "Kalli2", a cute, chic shoulder-length hairstyle that is loosely braided into a plait. It also comes with an accessory containing vine and fruits entwined around the forehead.

Collabor88 will be closing tomorrow to prepare for its next round so if you haven't been there already... Run! I'm absolutely inlove with all of the fall items! For Collabor88, Marisa released ""D!VA"" Hair "Tina", a shoulder-length style with bouncy curls that entangle the senses with a fresh and lively attitude. They come in 2 options: (TYPE A) containing a fringe while (TYPE B) has a deep middle part. These curls are as irresistible as a bowl full of chocolate covered strawberries! Yummy!

Until next time D!vas!

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