""D!va"" for September Arcade and The Seasons Event

Hai D!vas!

It's time to put those floral dresses away and time to whip out those neglected dusty sweaters that have been hiding in your closet! It's official! Fall is here! Okay well not really but it just is okay! You can't say no to autumn, especially with all these beautiful clothes being released!

Just a friendly reminder that the September round of the Arcade opened up a week ago and that D!va was invited to participate! For the event, D!va released ""D!va"" Hair "Giz", a sophisticated updo that is complete with a fringe and a bouquet of tightly packed bun of curls. More juicy details about the event and the hair here! If you haven't got in yet not to worry! There's practically still two full weeks (closes on the 30th of September) left so you'll have plenty of time!

I come bearing great news... again! D!va has also been invited to participate in The Seasons Story, a brand new event that has just opened its doors a few days ago for the very first time! This event focuses on the four seasons of the year. There are lots of fantastic autumn designs to get you ready for fall! It's just really worth checking out so I will post the SLURL below!

For The Seasons Story, Marisa released ""D!VA"" Hair "Kalli2". Braids have been the rage for a while now. The side braid is a cute style of braiding that is loosely tied into a messy but chic plait that goes over the shoulder. Roughed up texture adds edge to the over-the-shoulder side braid. This hair is complete with a vine that wraps itself around the forehead which is delicately decorated with ripe fruits. The vine contains 5 colours, the fruits containing 4. There is also a visibility option for fruits and vines.

Still feel that your autumn wardrobe is looking a little empty? Not to fear! By the time you get to Collabor88, with its new September round "Fall into Fall", I'm sure you'll be overloaded with cute autumn outfits!

For this months Collabor88, Marisa released ""D!VA"" Hair "Tina". Happiness comes in a curl. Or in hundreds. This medium swirly curly hair will put an extra bounce in your step. This hairstyle features a set of woolly curls that cascade down each side of the face. It’s a look that is both energetic and lively. The widest section of the hair is at the ear level and all of that bounce and lustrous volume comes all by itself with the curls that are the most intense in the tips.

(TYPE A) contains a fringe that curves its flattering way across the forehead in a deep plunge whereas (TYPE B) consists of  a deep middle part and with the top hair pulled slightly back the face is more open and frames the face beautifully.

Both ""D!VA"" Hair "Tina" and "Kalli2" are available in 12 colours, including "Red Amber" and they are 188L$ each. Yes, you've heard it right! Due to popular demand, the "Red Amber" is now going to be a regular colour! Now you don't have to worry about trying to snatch those limited hair colours anymore. They also come with a hairbase for each hair colour.This hair is a COPY/MOD OK, NO TRANSFER and can be also resized via the pop up menu by clicking anywhere on the hair.

Until next time, D!vas!

- Mochi

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