""D!va"" for The Arcade!

Hey D!vas!

Eek! I'm super duper excited, I have such big news for you all today! D!va has been invited to the September round of the Arcade! For those of you who don't know what it is, the Arcade is a bimonthly gacha event which features over 80 of Second Life's most gifted and talented designers and builders. To find out more about the Arcade, visit their website.

For the Arcade, Marisa has released   ""D!va"" Hair "Giz". Chic elegance and pure glamour -flirtatiousness is all the rage with this up-style. (TYPE A) is a sophisticated updo where the fringe is lifted and teased to form a subtle side poof. The hair is loosely tied up at the back into a bundle of small playful curls of hair which to me resembles a bouquet of flowers!

(TYPE B) has a softly swept fringe which is tucked behind the ear. This hair also comes with cute small ribbons which are delicately placed amongst the luscious bun of curls. There are 17 ribbon colours to choose from and also has an on-and-off option.

(TYPE A) is available in 12 colours and whilst rare hair (TYPE B) is also available in 12 colours, they are grouped in packs of 3. There is a grand total of 4 rare packs. Rare 1 includes the hair colours Platinum, Moon Stone and Cats Eye. Rare 2 includes Rhodalite, Topaz and Amber. Rare 3 includes Black Amber,  Red Amber  and Citrine. And last but not least, Rare 4 includes the hair colours Garnet, Brown Diamond and Onyx.

In short, it costs 75L$ to play and there are 16 to win, 4 of which are rare. The hair is MOD OK and can be also resized via the pop up menu by clicking anywhere on the hair.  The hair is also transferable so you can trade whatever extra hairs you have! Please remember that as the hair is transferable, it is NO COPY.

The Arcade opens its doors to the public on the 1st of September and ends on the 30th.

Oh and please make sure to try a demo before buying!

Hope to see you all at the Arcade,

""D!VA"" Main store
""D!VA"" @ The Arcade

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  1. HI

    I know this round of the Arcade is already well closed... but would it be posible to find any copy of your Giz hair....?

    I find it simply awsome