""D!va"" for October Collabor88

Mwhaha.., Muwahahaa.. MUWAHAHAHHA!

Ahem, sorry, just practising my evil laugh!

Haunted houses, hayrides and parties, oh my! It’s almost time for Halloween in Second Life! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Halloween costumes on the fashion feeds!

Get ready for your witch hats to be blown off, people! A new round of Collabor88 is here! In preparation for the fast approach of Halloween, the theme for this month is called "Black Magic". From clothes, to poses to house decor, you will find everything you need to get you ready for Halloween!

For this month's event, Marisa has released ""D!va"" Hair "Ana". I've lost count of how many various styles you can have with this hair! Be it an important business appointment, a romantic dinner or a halloween night party—this hair is suited for all occasions!

Inspired by the alluring flirtatiousness of the feminine hair power of the 60s, this granddaughter of a beehive still has the charm and appeal of its predecessor but has been altered to a more subtle bump with a loose fringe and a modern, less stiff styling. Twisted strands of hair are draped from front to back where both sides meet and are rolled into a thick updo. The sides are pulled back towards the nape in a cleanly-defined twist to form a chignon, which draws the eye to the nape of the neck and is goes perfectly with low-back dresses.

(TYPE A) features the fringe being lifted and teased to form a subtle side poof whereas (TYPE B) features a side-parted fringe that partially veil the face. Textured bangs blend effortlessly while maximizing the beauty of the hairstyle.

You can enhance this look even more with a MESH ponytail! Nothing is more classic or playful than the ponytail, right? The spiraling ribbons of hair is left to drape smoothly down the back. Simplicity creates the most elegant looks—achieve it by simply removing the ponytail, leaving you with a super mini sized bun. This fabulous up-style proves again that less can indeed be more and features a simple roll as its main element. The hair is combed back, intertwining to form a chignon. Be daring and wear both! A high crown combined with a perfect chignon bun and long, swirled tendrils of hair to accentuate the lines of the face captures with timeless elegance and irresistible style.

As always, the hair comes with 12 colours. The hair is COPY OK and NO TRANSFER. The rigged mesh part is NO MOD and cannot be re-sized. However, the rest of the hair is MOD OK and can be also resized via the pop up menu by clicking anywhere on the hair. This hair contains some mesh so please makre sure you are using a viewer that supports mesh and also don't forget to try a demo before buying!

I hope you have a great week and I'll see you guys soon!

- Mochi

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