New from ""D!va"" for February's Collabor88

Hey D!vas! 

Welcome to the February release from ""D!va"" now available at Collabor88.

"D!va" Hair "Mayumi3" is a elegant but cute updo.  Flyaway wisps and delicate flowers woven about the hair bring this style right into spring.

There are a few different ways you can customize and colour the flowers. Choose from 12 flower colours and three different vine colours.  

The crown and bun vines and daisy chains can each be coloured differently or either crown or bun vines toggled on or off. Simply touch anywhere on your hair to bring up the menu.

Toggle crown and/or bun flowers and vines off and on.
Large, small flowers and vine can all be coloured differently.

"D!va" Hair "Mayumi3" is currently only at Collabor88 for the special Collabor88 price of L$188 per colour.  Both bangs versions, A & B are included. The Red Amber colour is an exclusive colour and only available for the duration of February Collabor88.

"D!va!" Hair "Mayumi3" is copy, mod ok, non transfer. It can also be resized via the menu. This is not a mesh style, however, please be sure to try out the demo before purchase.

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store


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