"D!va" Digest - Gift, Lucky Boards and New in store Release.

Hello D!vas!

"D!va" Hair "Kalli"

A full release of January's Collabor88 release "D!va" Hair "Kalli" is now in store. 

Kalli Types A & B can be purchased separately or as a set.  Please try a demo before making a purchase.

Lucky Boards

With the in store release of Kalli, the "D!va" Lucky Boards have been changed out! Lucky Board Limited Ruby tones of Kalli and Asami are now in the boards.

Make sure your group tag is activated and when your number or letter comes up touch the panel to recieve your prize. You`ll find the boards at the back of the store.

""D!VA"" Main store

Mimi's Choice

D!va is honored to have been invited to be a part of Mimi's Choice.  The Mimi's Choice mall showcases brands handpicked by owner, Mimi, herself.  There are seven styles avalable from the D!va branch store at this location.

You will also find a Group Gift.  The gift is a very sweet, Mimi's Choice limited edition of Vivienne. To claim the gift, please join the Mimi's Choice Group and make sure your tag is active before touching the panel.  Isn't this a gorgeous gift?

""D!VA"" @ Mimi's Choice

""D!VA"" Main store
 ""D!VA"" @ Collabor88
""D!VA"" @ Mimi's Choice

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