Happy Holidays from "D!va"

Warm Holiday Wishes to all our beautiful D!vas!  Hoping that this season, however you celebrate it, is filled with love and joy. 
Two new styles, "D!va" Hair "Zaara" and "Nayomi", are now in store.  These were both created for contestants in the 'Miss Virtual World 2013' and have now been released for general sale. 
 'Zaara' and 'Nayomi' are gorgeous and elegant updos.  Both are sure to compliment any gown and beautifully show off the neck and nape.  You can find these right below the lucky boards, just walk straight to the back of the store.

 These styles are prim styles and come Copy/Mod ok, No Trans.  Both styles can also be resized via the pop-up menu on touch.


Also now in store are full releases, "D!va" Hair "Norma", "Jina" and "Daria", previously only available at Collabor88.  This month's round of Collabor88 is still in session.  "D!va" Hair "Asami" Type A & B are both included for the special Collabor88 price of L$188 until
January 7th. 

~From Marisa and all the D!va Staff we wish you Safe and Joyous Season ~

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

""D!VA"" Main store


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