New ""D!va"" Norma & Jina! For October Collabor88

Hi D!vas!

This month's Collabor88 releases from ""D!va"" are out!  Norma & Jina are fabulous off the shoulders styles.  Gorgeous poofs of curls at the nape with long sleek bangs.  Norma is a little shorter and tighter and Jina is just that little bit more glamorous with the extra volume and length. 

Both Norma and Jina include two different bangs styles, Style 'A' and 'B', each colour at the Collabor88 price of L$188 per colour.  For this cycle only, Norma and Jina will be available in the Collabor88 limited colour, Red Amber

This months theme is Pink Flamingos! I think Marisa has created some really versatile styles with Norma and Jina that will take you all the way from glamorous to cute!   Both styles are non-mesh and come Copy/Mod, No Transfer and are also resizable via the pop-up menu on touch.  Demos are available.

Hope you enjoy! 

Norma and Jina are currently only available at Collabor88.

""D!VA"" Hair Norma (Type B)  & Jina (Type B) in Citrine

""D!VA"" Main store

""D!VA"" @ Collabor88

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