""D!va"" New release for July Collabor88

Hello D!vas!

Today, July 8th, a new round of Collabor88 begins.  From ""D!VA"" comes, Tomoko2.

""D!VA"" Hair Tomoko2 is an adorable style with cute, loosely braided pigtails. The flyaway wisps of this carefree little do capture all the freedom and playful fun of a summer under the sun.

The flowers can be toggled on and off or choose from 12 different colours from the pop-up menu.  The large and small flowers can be recoloured independently. To bring up the menu just touch anywhere on your hair. Tomoko2 comes copy/mod, no transfer and is also re-sizable via the menu.

Once again this month, the 'Red Amber' version of Tomoko2 is exclusive to the July session of Collabor88.

The theme of July`s Collabor88 is 'Bleached'. Take the TP to Collabor88 where you`ll find Tomoko2 and other fabulous creations to pick-up.

In other ""D!VA"" news, Hair Fair starts soooon!  ""D!VA"" is participating so keep an eye on this space for Hair Fair news and newness from Marisa and ""D!va"".

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