New Releases & New Group Gift from ""D!va""

3 brand new styles out today at D!va!



Shizuka is a long style.  Bangs are draped to frame the face and long, tousled tendrils melt into soft curls towards the bottom.



Miu and the next style - 'Kanon' are a playful take on the neko mimi or cat ear look.  Miu is an up-do with cute bangs and lots of wispy tendrils framing the face and back of the neck.


Kanon is a medium length style with the same playful bangs as Miu and cat's ear buns on top =^.^=

Each style comes in two different versions, 'A' & 'B'. These can be bought separately or as a set.
All three styles are Copy, Mod, No Transfer and also resizable via the pop-up menu on touch.  The resize script comes with a 'Delete Scripts' option but be sure to make a copy of your hair before editing or using the 'Delete' option, just in case.

-Group Gift News-

To celebrate the 30,000 member mark for the ""D!va"" in world group and as always, in appreciation of all the wonderful D!va customers, a new Group Gift is available from today.   The group gift comes with not only a gorgeous new D!va hairstyle, but also a beautiful dress in both long and short versions!
 Both dress and hair are adorned with bright, bold flowers just in time for spring. 

The style is called "Diva2" and below you can see the four different ways it can be worn.

Both the flowers and the buns at the top of the hairstyle can be hidden via the menu.
From the pop-up Menu - Decoration -> Flower/Wig -> On/Off to toggle the visibility.

The lilies, daisies and roses on the hair piece and dress are all colour change via a pop-up menu.
To access the menu simply click on flowers.
From the pop-up Menu - Colour -> Flower Type -> Colour Name.

-Lucky Boards-

With the new releases come new items for the Lucky Boards.  Kanon, Shizuka and Miu in 'Ruby' a Lucky Board Limited Colour.  Be sure to activate your ""D!va" Group Tag to receive the prize when your letter or number comes up ^^

Lucky boards can be found in the ""D!va"" Main Store

All new styles are available from the Main Store and the ""D!va"" satellite store at KDC Mall

Hope to see you in store!

""D!va"" Main Store
KDC Mall satellite Store

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